Corona virus UPDATES

By Aymee

Together we are facing very uncertain and unpredictable times. The global Pandemic is affecting our families and businesses and we want to let you know that your safety, as well as the safety of our family team, is our number one priority. We want to update you on how we are approaching the situation.

We want to start off by saying our hearts and prayers are with all of you who have been affected directly or indirectly. For those that have had a loved one who has been sick, or feel the uncertainty of the economic pressure, we are with you! We are also very thankful to have been blessed to have customers like you support us year after year. We hope that this is truly another window of opportunity to get to know us and recognize our voice.

We want to let you know we are always here to serve you even though that may look a little different now. For so many years you not only let us in your home but have included us as extended family and truly embraced us with sincere warm welcomes including hugs from some of you. We thought at first it would be business as usual as long as we were healthy but we were soon faced with accepting our new reality and feeling a sense of uncertainty and confusion. We want you to stay healthy and thrive like never before and in order to do that we are implementing our own change. We will navigate these uncharted waters and make changes as the days and weeks come. We want you to see the commitment that keeps us serving you year after year, and that is through adapting during challenges.

While some may argue that window cleaning service may not be an essential service we are here to let you know what our position is and how we are approaching this Pandemic.

Upon Doug Ducey’s executive order to stay home, stay healthy, stay connected. We have determined that we do fall under essential service as we provide a critical trade. We have limited our interior window cleaning to a conditional basis until April 30, 2020, which requires home & business services to either be vacant or follow guidelines by the CDC. We want to assure you we are practicing all necessary guidelines by the CDC including physical distancing, disposable gloves, disinfecting areas we come in contact with including wearing masks inside your home. We also ask for you to let us know if you or anyone in your home or anyone you have been in contact with may be sick. With most of you already practicing safety guidelines we have mainly been servicing exterior window cleaning the last few weeks. For other projects such as listing a home or construction clean up, we are taking extra precautions by making sure we are the only service providers in your home during the service appointment.

Our window cleaning procedures have been revised to ensure complete sanitation on interior window cleaning. You can find more updates on our protocol using cleaning tools and preparing supplies on our Previous Blog here. Upon Arrival, we are sending a text to let you know we have arrived and started by getting our water and equipment set up. We will not ring your doorbell for the time being. We will wear disposable gloves before coming in contact with your home or business. Shoe covers will be worn inside with the exception of ladder work to ensure our safety upon climbing ladder.

To answer the big question. Is it safe to clean my windows during this Pandemic? We have implemented a double wash to interior window washing. As part of our effort to learn and grow we have done much research on Covid-19 and how to limit the spread. We have found that soap alone does not kill the virus. Using soap can drastically reduce the virus and help break down the proteins that are found on the coronavirus but this alone does not kill the virus-like disinfectants.

Having access to Hospital Grade disinfectant approved by the EPA through our Janitorial supplier has allowed us to safely and effectively sanitize your windows and mirrors as well as any other surface we come in contact with. To ensure our contribution to staying healthy and keeping you safe we encourage you to choose exterior window cleaning until we see the numbers in Covid-19 cases drop.

We believe that we are facing yet another problem to solve and are thankful we are all in this together and have your support even from a distance. We know God has a way of showing up and making us slow down in order to go back to basics! Think of it as a way to auto-reset. We are assessing, planning and implementing new things to better serve you. He has never failed us. He has never forgotten us and as CRAZY as this may sound we are thankful for the current situation we are in because we know we will come out stronger when this passes. We will grow and implement new procedures moving forward and will continue to be your desert window, cleaning experts. We are committed to doing things right and taking this time to grow with you.

We are still open for business and we are here to serve you as always so please please please give us a call or send us an email letting us how you feel. Some of you may already be scheduled for an upcoming appointment and some of you may want to wait it out a little longer and we want you to know we support your decision 100% We are here for you when you are ready!

With love,


James, Aymee

& son Manny